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Mole & Rabbit Control Specialists  

Countryways  Pest Control deals with all manner of rural pests, including rabbits, moles, foxes, squirrels, rats, mink and wasps, in both domestic and commercial situations.   Countryways  Pest Control is is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are renowned for our own personal attention to detail for each individual client. Our primary methods of Pest Control are: Ferreting Shooting Long netting Snaring Rabbit proof fencing   We  know personally and professionally how annoying, time consuming and costly it can be as a Land Owner, to be over run with pests.   With Our vast amount of experience, We can guarantee a first class service to meet individual needs that will enhance your profit.    We specialises in rabbit and mole control,  he can also  tackle foxes,  squirrels, rats, wasps and other pests quickly, reliably and economically.       Our list of clients range from: Country  Estates,  Period Properties to Farms, Private Dwellings & Camping Sites No Job is too small !  
“ We Never Make A Mountain Out Of   A Molehill”